Published On: Mon, Feb 16th, 2015

Rabbi Aaron Ross Doubles as Nationally Renowned Backup Guy

His first backup was to a 10 GB hard drive and it still took over 14 hours for the backup to complete.

Rabbi by day, tech wizard by night. Aaron Ross  is not only a man of faith, but he is a genius of technology, computers, Internet security and owner of his own cloud computing company,  Ross Backup.

Ross is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and kids. He is known to those from 5 Towns as Rabbi Ross and when he isn’t offering guidance and religious advice, you’ll more than likely see him at his Yeshiva where he teaches Judaic studies, dance, and gym.  Of course on religious holidays don’t expect him to email, text or tweet you…on those days technology is a big no no.

So, how is it that a Rabbi and father is all those kids is also a wizard in computing? Passion and understanding actually play a big part. Yes it does all come full circle.  As a young boy in the early 80’s, Aaron Ross was fascinated by computers and what they had to offer. At the age of 10, Aaron was already programming in DOS and fixing other people’s computers.

After graduating high school, he began working with people to help protect their children from the dangers of the Internet (hence the connection between the rabbinical & tech world). Aaron also began taking courses and delving into the fascinating world of PC’s. As his reputation in computer and software support began to grow, Aaron began working with small businesses as an IT specialist. It was around this time that he became fascinated with the concept of backing up information.

His first backup was to a 10 GB hard drive and it still took over 14 hours for the backup to complete.

Ross kept his love for computers a hobby, that is, until the inevitable happened. He experienced a terrible house fire in 2011 where he lost everything. He had a glimmer of hope when he remembered that he had backed up his computer with a service that he paid for. He went over to a neighbor’s house just to make sure that his family photos, documents, and life, essentially, were all intact and that was when he realized that hardly anything was saved.

A few years later, Aaron, working with some investors, launched Ross Backup  to make sure that no other person would have to go through the traumatic experience that he did. However, he didn’t stop there. He started to study other aspects of technology and made himself familiar with what is out there right now, transforming himself into a tech guru. Aaron is a big fan of Microsoft and Apple, and loves PC’s but wouldn’t give up his iPhone for anything.

Aaron Ross is a man of community and he is becoming a household name to us all. He can be seen offering us useful technology advice on local and national TV stations such as Fox news  and outlets like Yahoo. Not only will he always know what direction to lead you, but he will always have your best interest in mind. This Rabbi turned tech wizard is going to be around for a long time.

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