‘Two and a Half Men’ with Ashton Kutcher Shuts Down after 12 seasons

“If it’s two straight guys acting like gay guys so they can adopt a kid, that’s a family."

ashton kutcher two and a half men

After 12 years, eight of them with Charlie Sheen, the rest with Ashton Kutcher, the CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men” hits the 12-season finale on Thursday.

“‘Two and a Half Men’ was very much a magical show, ” says creator Chuck Lorre, who later went on to create mega-hit “The Big Bang Theory.”

“There were no STDs and no alcoholism. Nobody got hurt. It was a make-a-wish kind of show. That’s not how the real world works. We knew that, we hoped we could find some way to make people laugh, even inside that.”

David Hinckley noted in the NY Daily News that after they stopped working together, in early 2011, Sheen called Lorre “a contaminated little maggot.”

But that’s ancient history. Ashton Kutcher stepped in as Walden Schmidt, replacing the expired Sheen (they really killed him, in season 9) for the last four seasons.

Kutcher said Lorre’s sitcoms, “The Big Bang Theory, ” “Mike & Molly” and “Mom, ” “work because they’re all built on family. They’re all built on these obscure, broken, beat-up, messed-up families that are just like yours.

“If it’s two straight guys acting like gay guys so they can adopt a kid, that’s a family. If it’s a bunch of kids in a dorm room talking about physics, and whatever, that’s a family.

“Broken, messed-up families. If you have one, you know what one’s like, and you can really relate to it, and it’s fun to laugh at. Because, ultimately, you laugh at yourself.”

Speaking of families, speaking to People, Kutcher said about his relationship with Mila Kunis: “I get to have sex with her, it’s amazing!”

Well, somebody should.

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