Israeli Loginno to Provide Smart Container Solutions to Hong Kong Based Carrier SITC

"Shippers and Cargo owners have been long waiting for this service."


Israeli smart container developer Loginno is to provide fleet-changing Smart Container solutions for Chinese SSE 50 giant SIPG, and Hong Kong based carrier SITC.

Says Amit Aflalo, Loginno CTO, “One major obstacle was creating a solution that cracks all barriers towards a truly affordable Smart Container service; to have something small enough, inconspicuous, inexpensive, easy to install, which performs all needed functions including 6-sided container protection and will last throughout the container’s lifetime with no recharge. Technologically, once we solved all of this – the rest was easy.”

A technological breakthrough for the Israeli company, Loginno’s solution becomes a significant competitive advantage for the Chinese carriers. Says Xue MingYuan, President of SITC Shipping Group, “As a shipping company with clear strategy for growth in a market with more and more homogeneous services, we have to think about why our customers would choose us over others. Being among the first to offer, as a standard service on all of our containers, full insight into their cargo movements and security, for a very low additional cost, we differentiate ourselves instantly, and hopefully save our customers a lot of logistic costs in their supply chain.”

JP Wang, General Manager of SIPG container shipping arm Hai Hua confirms shippers’ enthusiasm for the change, “Shippers and Cargo owners have been long waiting for this service. As an innovative company driven by the desire to stay at the forefront of technological development, we have been looking for an affordable means to convert our fleet to Smart Containers. This particular technology provides every feature a Smart Container should have, and will enable us to offer full insight into cargo movements to our logistics department and our customers.”

Neither Loginno nor SIPG or SITC disclosed the nature of the deal, but Loginno CEO Shachar Tal hints, “It would be of tremendous benefit for a carrier to shift to Smart Containers now, while our current offer is still available. We offer carriers a very attractive no-risk solution to transform their entire fleet into Smart Containers. This will change very soon, as our order book is filling up and we are finalizing our list of early bird carriers with a few big surprises in the list. All of these carriers will undoubtedly have a game changing advantage and will be able to attract just about any premium shipper in the world away from carriers without the solution. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone stays behind.”

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