Published On: Wed, Feb 11th, 2015

One Hour Translation Launches US OHT-Enterprise for Documents Too Large for Google-Translate

OHT-Enterprise Offers Full-Service Translation and Localization, Helping Enterprise Customers Reach New Markets.

One Hour Translation

Israeli company One Hour Translation announced the launch of its new US-based operations, OHT-Enterprise in Washington, DC.

You might be thinking, “who needs translation services anymore? You can just use Google Translate.”

Well Google translate may be helpful for translating specific web pages and for small items, but it certainly does not get the job done for any type of lengthy document. This is especially true when it comes to legal documents and/or business contracts.

You also might be thinking that with the Internet it does not matter where the translators sit. Someone in Nepal can work translating Swedish into Italian or someone in Greenland can work translating documents from Korean into Spanish.

Yes this is true but it is still important, even in this age of Star Trek like telecommunications, for a major company to have offices close to its client base. Not just for sales and marketing purposes but also so your people can be in closer contact with the clients with whom they work.

OHT-Enterprise offers a full-service translation and localization service for businesses operating around the world tailored specifically to the workflow needs of enterprise-grade customers. The company boasts that business clients can use the services of OHT-Enterprise not only to translate their documents but also to localize, proofread and edit all marketing material, websites, contracts, legal documentation, mobile and desktop applications, online advertising, landing pages, white papers and more.

“We are very excited to launch OHT-Enterprise, ” says Adam Blau, OHT VP of Sales, North America, who will head up U.S. operations. “OHT-Enterprise solves business translation challenges by combining certified expert translators with advanced technology to deliver business-grade translation services at the speed of your organization. This means you know who your translators are with no middlemen or long bureaucratic processes – and live support is always just a phone call away. Gone are the days of dealing with anonymous translators through traditional translation agencies. OHT-Enterprise is like your in-house team.”

OHT-Enterprise has over 15, 000 professional certified translators in over 75 languages, a cutting-edge, multi-dimensional quality assurance process, easy-to-use technology and support staff around the world to ensure that every translation project gets the attention it deserves.

“It’s very hard for most businesses to compete on cost, quality and speed, ” says Kira Portnaya, OHT-Enterprise Marketing Manager, N. America. “At OHT-Enterprise, by leveraging the resources and infrastructure of our parent company, we can do just that.”

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