Arnon Milchan 2nd Richest Movie Mogul, Right Behind George Lucas

Steven Spielberg ranks third on the Wealth-X list, with $3.3 billion.

Arnon Milchan

George Lucas, director and producer of the Star Wars empire, is the wealthiest Hollywood tycoon, with $5.4 billion, according to Wealth-X, a global wealth intelligence and prospecting company.

You must have this information, see, in case you need to borrow a 20 from any of these guys, so it helps to know who has the most.

Lucas’s money mostly came from the Star Wars franchise and the sale of LucasFilm to Disney for $4 billion in 2012.

So, basically, George Lucas made all his money with six movies! That’s just shy of $1 billion per.


Israeli film producer Arnon Milchan, who made Pretty Woman and 12 Years A Slave, is ranked second on the list, with $5.2 billion.

Steven Spielberg ranks third on the Wealth-X list, with $3.3 billion. But he had to work much harder, directing more than 30 feature films.

That’s almost as bad as farming with your hands.

OK, so that’s two Jews in the top 3. We do own Hollywood, after all.

Others on the list include Austin Hearst – $1.9 billion, Ryan Kavanaugh – $1 billion, Jeffrey Katzenberg – $910 million (Really? We’re letting mere millionaires in now?), Thomas Tull – $870 million, Jerry Bruckheimer – $850 million, Steve Tisch – $720 million, and James Cameron in 10th place, with a measly $670 million.

Now you know.

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