Published On: Tue, Feb 10th, 2015

‘When She Came Out of Me, I Was So Surprised’ Scarlett Johansson Tells W

“I had a very strong picture in my mind of what my baby would look like.”

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson bared some of her world famous cleavage and talked about her shock after giving birth in an interview with “W” magazine.

The blonde bombshell who became a mother only a few months ago is the envy of women everywhere as she had no trouble getting back into her movie star figure a mere weeks after giving birth.

On giving birth to her daughter Rose she told W, “When she came out of me, I was so surprised.”

Surprised is an interesting way of putting it. But the 30 year old actress was referring to the fact that her baby did not fit the image which Johansson had in her mind of what she would look like.

“I had a very strong picture in my mind of what my baby would look like, ” Johansson continued. “And, of course, she is completely different. Perfect, but not what I’d imagined. Now, of course, I can’t picture her any other way, ” she added.

For the photo shoot she decided to get made up to look like famed 70s pop star Deborah Harry from the band Blondie. Johansson wears a bright red tank top with a tight short black skirt. Stunning does not do the picture justice.

Growing up Johansson was a big fan of Judy Garland. “I particularly loved Judy Garland, and, to me, she did it all. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an actor. And I wanted to do everything. When you’re a kid, they send you on a lot of commercial auditions, and I was terrible at selling things. I never got those parts. I remember crying in the subway, and my mom said, ‘Look—let’s forget it. Do something else.’ And I replied, ‘No. You can’t take this away from me. I want to be an actor!’ Waiting for the B train, I had my come-to-Jesus moment.”

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