Published On: Tue, Feb 10th, 2015

HBO Renews Alex Borstein’s ‘Getting On’ for Third and Final Season

You probably know Borstein best for her voice. She portrays Lois Griffin, the wife on “Family Guy.”

HBO has renewed Alex Borstein’s dramedy “Getting On” for a third season. Unfortunately it will also be the show’s last.

This little known gem from HBO is an American remake of an original BBC series. It is about a nutty doctor played by Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne) and her team of nurses who have to navigate the insanities of working in a hospital’s geriatric ward while dealing with the Bureaucracy.

The final season will also have only six episodes like the show’s first two giving it a total of 18 for its run. Unfortunately it never got the exposure that the show deserved and in its second season only brought in 1.6 million viewers.

“Getting On, ” therefore, falls into the category of brilliant television shows loved by those who watched it, but that were never given the chance to catch on.

You probably know Borstein best for her voice. She portrays Lois Griffin, the wife on “Family Guy.” But she has also had her fair share of work in front of the camera, albeit not enough.

Borstein, who plays the head nurse, proves here that she should be doing much more work in front of the camera.

Entertainment Weekly said of the show, “Getting On finds great comedic tension between the gravitas of getting on (as in getting old and dying) and the levity required for getting on (as in just getting through the workday).”

The Washington Post wrote, “Alex Borstein is gloomy and great as Nurse Dawn, a distracted caregiver obsessed with building a future relationship with her supervisor, a male nurse named Patsy (Mel Rodriguez) who is probably gay but isn’t about to admit it — to himself or anyone else. Laurie Metcalf is equally strong as Dr. Jenna James, a dangerously self-absorbed gerontologist who is dead-set on making a name for herself with her medical research.”

Borstein will be doing another animated television series this coming fall. “Bordertown” is a new, animated comedy for Fox Television. The show will be executive produced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

It will follow two families living in a Southwest desert town on the United States-Mexico border and how these two families inevitably cross and are bound by friendship and conflict.

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