Published On: Mon, Feb 9th, 2015

Galt Niederhoffer Taking Seriously Bad Turn in Fight for Child, Dignity

There's a Family Court custody fight over the couple's 2-year-old son, where Niederhoffer is accusing Gordon of trying to poison her food with arsenic.

Galt Niederhoffer

Brooklyn novelist, filmmaker, and NYU professor Galt Niederhoffer, 38, has been mixed up in a breakup from hell, complete with allegations of insanity, arsenic poisoning, serial cheating and murder fantasies, reports the NY Post, and they know murder fantasies.

Niederhoffer—her 2010 film “The Romantics” starring Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin was based on her novel by the same title—is doing war with an ex-boyfriend named Jonathan Gordon, 40, who happens to be Barry Diller’s corporate attorney. The war is happening in three different Brooklyn courts, so you can always watch something good happening.

There’s a Family Court custody fight over the couple’s 2-year-old son, where Niederhoffer is accusing Gordon of trying to poison her food with arsenic.

Also, Niederhoffer says Gordon has been cheating on her with a whole bunch of women; also, ther’s his recurring dream where he cuts her up and throws the bits behind their Fort Greene brownstone.

They live in Fort Greene, which is where Bed Stuy goes for prestige.

Niederhoffer lost custody of her boy a month ago, because her father, Victor Niederhoffer (hedge fund manager, ex-partner of George Soros, former champion squash player, bestselling author and statistician), and her ex-boyfriend both told the court she needed psychiatric help and no way should she be allowed to raise the child.

“While it is painful for us to admit, Galt is mentally ill [and] needs psychiatric care, ” Victor Niederhoffer said in a Jan. 13 affidavit, according to the Post.

But Galt’s counter-affidavit is accusing Gordon of “gaslighting, ” a term describing a husband convincing his wife she’s crazy, as in the 1944 movie “Gaslight, ” in which Charles Boyer did this to Ingrid Bergman (she took an Oscar for best actress).

Niederhoffer movie mogul Harvey Weinstein to send a letter to the court saying she’s “a loving and devoted mother.” Onm the other hand, there are those charges against her for smacking her stepmother’s head into a wall.

Victor Niederhoffer is Jewish. So, all in all, a really scary scandal and a deeply unhappy group of people. Wishing them a fast recovery.

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