Eran Lasser Appointed Senior Advisor for Israeli Hi-Tech at Synergy China Funds

The relationship between Israel and China just keeps on getting stronger and stronger.

Eran Lasser

Eran Lasser was appointed Senior Advisor for Israeli hi-tech investments at Synergy China Funds, a Chinese-Israeli fund targeting Israeli technology companies that seek to enter the Chinese market.

The relationship between Israel and China just keeps on getting stronger and stronger.

China’s economy recently surpassed America’s. While there is no chance of that ever happening with Israel, that country has become the little engine that could of the world.
The mere fact that the Chinese government and Chinese investors are so enamored with the Jewish State is further proof that Israel truly is “Startup Nation.”

America has strong business ties with China. But in that case the dollars got from the US across the Pacific to buy Chinese produced goods.

In Israel’s case the Dollars are going in the other direction in the form of Chinese investment in the small nation.

Synergy China venture partners’ sponsors are B&P Management (China) headed by David Fuchs and John Hui, the PTL Group China – a management company headed by Zvi Shalgo, with a long track record of supporting the operations of Israeli tech companies; and WEZ (Wujin Economic Zone) in the City of Changzhou, one of the most active Chinese cities collaborating with Israeli companies.

With more than 20 years of experience in the hi-tech industry, Lasser is the founder and Joint CEO of John Bryce, Israel’s leading hi-tech training company, as well as Joint CEO of Matrix Global (the offshore division). Also under his management were the Tact QA & Testing Division, the IMC (Israeli Management Center), and the call centers division.

As part of his experience in the Chinese market, he ran the Matrix Global and John Bryce operations in China, including the establishment of a first development center by Matrix in the country.

Eran Lasser is a member of the board of directors of the young leadership association and was a member of the Microsoft senior executive forum in the field of training.

He Served as Deputy Commander of Training at the IDF Mamram unit (center of computing and information systems) and holds a degree in Computers and Mathematics from the Bar Ilan University.

As senior advisor to Synergy China Funds, Eran will focus on the fund’s investments in software companies specializing in various areas such as: Big Data, Enterprise software, Mobile Applications, BI, IoT, Fintech, and more. The fund also invests in other technology sectors like medical device, cleantech, media etc.

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