Published On: Fri, Feb 6th, 2015

Opoli Takes on Uber, Revolutionizing Taxi Fare Bidding

Would You Like to Bargain for Your Cab Fare?


Imagine if Uber allowed its customers to bid on prices for their rides. That is what new Los Angeles based startup Opoli is offering.

Think about that for a minute. Instead of the drivers telling you how much you need to pay, you can tell them what you are willing to pay. As long as you are realistic about the price you might be able to save a lot of money over traditional taxis.

That is why this new app is sure to be even more controversial than Uber has been.

Opoli calls itself the next generation of transportation service apps for riders. Through the app, riders propose a price for a ride, allowing drivers to see their bid in real time, which they can accept or give a counteroffer.

It promises no surprises or surge pricing; riders will know the final fare before accepting the transaction. Riders can also make reservations, view driver ratings and choose their driver and vehicle, from a Cadillac to a Tesla

It was founded in 2014 by Rattan Joea, the current owner and CEO of Prime Time Shuttle and Opoli Technology, Inc. He bought Prime Time Shuttle (PTS) in 1999 and has transformed the company making it the second largest ride sharing Transportation Company in United States. Under his helm, he was grown PTS, tripling the company size, which now services over one million customers every year.

“Opoli levels the playing field, enabling service providers of any size to compete against larger competitors, ” Joea said. “And it takes out the commissions by the middleman, leaving service providers and consumers to find each other easily and negotiate the transaction amongst themselves with payment going directly to the provider via the app.”

“Opoli will work with just about any service one can imagine, ” he said. “We’re setting providers free to do business on their terms. Opoli is going to make a big impact and change the way business is done in many industries.”

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