Published On: Tue, Feb 3rd, 2015

Neiman Marcus Adds Digital Mirrors

Memory Mirror

Luxury department store Neiman Marcus has introduced a new and revolutionary way for people to see how they look in clothing called a Memory Mirror. The company’s CEO Karen Katz discussed it in an interview with CBS News.

Welcome to life in the Star Trek era. Now we have automatic sliding doors, communicators, huge flat screens and even 3D scanners. Coming soon – transporters.

Actually the new tech from Neiman Marcus is not a holographic mirror or anything like that, but something which takes a video of a customer to show them how they look in new clothing.

From the creator MemoMi Labs website, “See yourself again for the first time. It’s more than a mirror; it is a window into unprecedented glamour, grace and style. Discover perfect lines from every angle, compare styles, and return again and again to a fashion moment.”

It may seem complicated to use at first, but the mirror is actually quite simple. You simply stand in front of it as the mirror records an eight second video. You do not need to worry about the video getting uploaded for all to see on the Internet since you can password protect it. You can then e mail it to people that you know for immediate feedback on how they think you look in the clothing that you are trying on.

Katz told CBS that, “Technology has changed everything in terms of the shopping experience.”

“Equally important is the ability to share the outfits with friends and family. I think that that social part of it is as important as the editing part of it.”

“For those really important decisions in women’s lives, whether it’s buying a mother of the bride dress or buying an outfit for a special event, she can have her entire bevy of girlfriends right around her, even if they’re not there physically, ” Katz said.

“We’re constantly looking for new innovations that would appeal to our customer and really make the store come to life in a different way, ” Neiman Marcus stores and online president John Koryl said.

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