Ron Baron Predicts Stocks Could Double


fund guru Ron Baron


Ron Baron is bullish long-term on the stock market, and thinks it could double in ten years and double again in twenty, according to the Palm Beach Daily News. Although Baron, a Jersey boy who made good and founded Baron Capital, has a reputation for being optimistic about stocks, he has a reason besides basic faith in stocks. The fall of oil prices represents significant savings for the consumer and can drive spending and investments. Unlike others who have tried to spot a bottom in the freefall of commodity prices, Baron doesn’t think there will be an upward correction in oil prices any time soon.

In January, Baron told CNBC that he recommends Tesla Motors and Manchester United, and both are over $200 million holdings in his fund. Baron predicts Tesla could gain 10 times in a decade as “governments don’t want people to use …carbon fuels.” He likes Manchester United because of the growing popularity of soccer worldwide and potential sponsorships, merchandising and product licensing.

Fortune magazine calls Baron “the Warren Buffett of small and mid-cap stocks.” Forbes rates him as one of the 400 richest in the U.S. with an estimated Fortune of $2.1 billion. Baron whose Group manages 12 mutual funds with $28 billion assets under management told the Palm Beach Daily News about the time he met the notorious Bernie Madoff, who visited Baron in his office. “I was interested in meeting him, since I didn’t understand how he made 3 percent on cash assets and he made 11 percent consistently month after month . I knew a lot of people who invested with him and was hoping I could learn something to help him enhance our returns. He seemed like a very nice man, but his explanation made no sense to me.”



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