Watch: Kiss Teams with Japanese Girl Band


70s rock icon KISS has teamed up for a new song with Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z called “YUMENO UKIYO NI SAITEMINA.” The musicians released a new video to promote their collaboration.

In it the members of Kiss can be seen towering over their much younger and much shorter Japanese counterparts in the all-girl band. Singer Paul Stanley alone is a full foot taller than the average member of the Japanese band.

The video shows the musicians meeting one another for the first time and asking one another questions with clips of KISS band members playing their instruments interspersed.

The music video for the song is a mix of anime and live action performances by both bands.

Meanwhile KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer feels that new technology is harming the way that music is produced and leading to “soulless” music.

He said, “All the technology and even the social networking and everything that goes on, it gets a little overwhelming, and I think we sometimes do lose touch with getting back to the roots of music and the creative aspect of everything. I think we never wanna lose track of that or lose that connection, because with all the technology, even recording with Auto-Tune and all this stuff, you can make something sound perfect, but you lose the real personality and the soul of something when you do that too much. So it’s something… You have to not lose track of that. Music is feel, it’s soul… it’s the heart.”


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