Stephen Fry Is Not Adopting


Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry definitely has no plans to become a father for the first time at the age of 57. The British actor has vehemently denied that he and his new husband have any plans to adopt a baby.

The son of a Jewish mother whose family fled the Holocaust and settled in England is one of the English language’s most brilliant current writers/satirists and a great actor to boot. He married his longtime partner Elliot Spencer just two weeks ago.

About adoption rumors Fry said, “No – don’t believe what you read it the papers!”

The rumors of fatherhood for the British humorist, actor and author began when Fry was quoted in an interview in the Sun as saying, “’Well that is peeping into Volume Two. Volume One, the marriage is still… I hope it will never close, but in Volume Two the little family, the patter of tiny feet. Come back to me on that one.”

On that he tweeted, “Ha! Weird report that I gave an interview to the Sun. Not true. And that I am “planning to have a family” not true. Spelt my name right tho.”

In the same interview Fry discussed his wedding celebrations He said, “We did have a first dance but anybody who has seen me dance would not call it a dance. It was a shuffle. I wanted to choose a tune written by Al Jolson. It is the only great tune he wrote as far as I know. It’s called Oh How We Danced On The Night That We Were Married. But I could not get it on my iPhone or my Android so we had Cole Porter instead.”

Fry will soon appear on the British interview show The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne. In one segment he discussed using cocaine saying about the drug, “There is no way one can rationally excuse it. What I felt at the time… If there’s anything I hate, it’s a party and somebody gave me some cocaine and I didn’t particularly like it. But I tried it again. And I did find that it kept me up and I did have this extra life of staying up until three.”

“I never did it while working. It was always the pudding, the reward afterwards.”


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