Published On: Fri, Jan 30th, 2015

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel May Face Runoff, Traffic Fines


Rahm Emanuel And Chicago Police Superintendant Deliver Update On Fighting Crime

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s approval ratings are up since August, but may not be enough to avoid a runoff contest in April, according to the Chicago Tribune. A poll shows he has 42% support, which is higher than the 35% in August, but still not at the 50% plus level of safety. The second closest contender in the mayoral race is Jesus “Chuy” Garcia at 18% and Bob Fioretti at 10%. Emanuel has bombarded the airwaves with expensive ads, and there is the perception that other candidates have not been able to spend enough to get their stories out. According to, a higher profile candidate, such as Chicago Teachers Union President, Karen Lewis, might have given Rahm a serious run for his money, but she was unable to enter the race when she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

With the race so tight, one wonders how Rahm Emanuel’s campaign can afford the slightest controversy. Perhaps his drivers are so nervous about the campaign that they can’t seem to stop running red lights. Rahm’s two car motorcade had five violations in the last three months, including scary near misses of people in wheelchairs and senior citizens, as reported by ABC. The motorcade has received 17 red light tickets in two and a half years, so this can’t be explained away as pre-election nerves.

Emanuel knows what traffic lights are for, ‘First and foremost, ” he said, “red lights are there for public safety and traffic safety.” He then added, “No one is above the law. Period. Full stop.” But when his motorcade received another ticket he Emanuel clarified, “I said I was going to pay it. That is what I mean when I said ‘above the law.’ I couldn’t be more clear.”

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