Israeli Startup Synereo Offers Decentralized Social Network


Israel based startup Synereo declares that it has set out to reimagine the traditional social network by eliminating the middle man. Using the latest innovations in peer-to-peer networking, it seeks to build a smarter, more secure and equitable platform that cuts through the clogged up and privacy issue burdened trends found in today’s social media.

Synereo boasts that it is the world’s first completely decentralized and distributed social network. Users are able to interact directly with each other without the need for a 3rd party intermediary, unlike the case with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin.

With Synereo users have the ability to control all core functions of their social experience, such as sending communications, storing data, and managing reputation. This allows users to control their data and even keep the value generated by it. Such control gives users back their identity and rights to protect their information and communications – a stark difference from today’s model of profit-driven social networks that make cynical use of that information.

Synereo Co-founder and CEO, Dor Konforty, MSc of Neuroscience describes Synereo as “a way to redistribute power to the users of the Internet – paving the path to social evolution.”

He states, “Advances in information technologies are found at the root of all major social changes. As technology expands the degrees of freedom available to individuals, they begin interacting in ways that challenge the existing order, ultimately making it redundant. Synereo utilizes cutting-edge technology to create a new type of social network, one that empowers individuals and puts the controls back in their hands.”

Co-founder, Anderson McCutcheon, a veteran programmer of the highly regarded 8200 unit of the IDF, emphasizes that, “Synereo is dedicated to helping people leverage resources that they already own by creating a system that does not depend on a central revenue driven model.”
McCutcheon commented on the vision of Synereo, stating, “Mass adoption of Decentralization started with content and currency, bypassing the need for central governing entities, and Synereo is the natural next step of this process. We don’t need a big brother to control our communications when we have the resources do it ourselves.”

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