Published On: Sun, Jan 25th, 2015

Google to Become Own Cellphone Company

google phone

Get ready for Google the phone company. According to various reports it is planning to jump into the mobile telephone market.

Google will use the pre-existing infrastructure belonging to the cell phone carriers Sprint and T-Mobile. The Information reported last week that Google will do so under a new project to be called “Nova” which will be led by its longtime executive Nick Fox.

The question now is whether or not consumers will be interested.

People have been writing the obituaries for the landline phone companies for some time now. As cell phones’ monthly plans have become more affordable all over the world and smartphones also give the user access a many world with the touch of a button, the landline has become less of a necessity. How many people even bother with a fax line in the home anymore?

Some people are even now talking about the end of the entire mobile phone industry. As Wi Fi access increases everywhere and mobile devices offer aps for all sorts of Internet based talk and video chat services, people have less of a reason to need a cell phone service. Someday users will only pay for mobile Internet connectivity in remote areas and that will be all.

Perhaps this is why Google is jumping into this market. Internet based television is already getting people to cut the cord with their cable companies. Soon they may also be able to give up on their ISPs and on their high speed Internet connections from either the cable or the phone companies.

Goggle just wants to position itself to be in the right place at the right time for if and when this all happens.

Does anyone even remember when Google was just a search engine anymore?

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