Ashton Kutcher’s Testimony Crucial in Putting Ex-Lover’s Killer Behind Bars


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Actor and Kabbalah enthusiast Ashton Kutcher will give testimony that could put the man who murdered his ex lover behind bars. Before Kutcher became a household name in 2001, when he was just getting started on That 70s Show, he was seeing a model, stripper and pole dancer Ashley Ellerin. Although Kutcher was not her exclusive boyfriend, the two were more than friendly, and he invited her to a Grammy’s party, according to the Mirror. When Kutcher did not receive an answer, he went over to Ellerin’s house at 10:45, looked through the window and saw a red puddle on the floor which he thought was spilled wine. Not getting an answer to his knock at the door, Kutcher left, not knowing that his friend’s butchered, lifeless body lay just a few feet away from the puddle of blood he had mistaken for wine.

Ellerin, who was found by her roomate, Justin Peterson, lived just 400 feet away from air conditioner repairman and serial killer, Michael Thomas Gargiulo, who also killed Maria Bruno, a woman who lived 100 feet away from the killer. Gargiulo stabbed Ellerin 47 times in the shower, and the lacerations on her neck were so deep, they nearly decapitated her.  Kutcher’s testimony is crucial in establishing the time of death and putting Gargiulo behind bars.


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