LabStyle’s Dario for Diabetics to Be Offered by Israeli HMO Maccabi Healthcare


Dario for Diabetics

Israel’s LabStyle Innovations, the maker of the Dario smart meter for diabetics, reported that it has signed a partnership agreement with Israel’s leading healthcare HMO, Maccabi Healthcare, to implement its comprehensive Dario digital suite for patients and professionals remote proactive care.

The agreement with MOMA (Maccabi TeleCare unit) represents an additional channel of revenue stream for Dario. The company stated that this channel for revenues indicates the huge potential available in the Dario digital health solution which is based on software licensing and added value services with HMOs and other strategic partners worldwide.

The Dario application for MOMA is a proprietary customized diabetes management solution that enables remote treatment for diabetes.

Through the agreement Maccabi Healthcare will be subscribing to Dario together with the Dario personalized smart meters for an advanced service they call MOMA. Through MOMA, Maccabi will provide chronic patients a service of advanced multi-disciplinary support and care through a national call center in coordination with the client’s primary physician and other community-based resources. Each MOMA member with diabetes will receive their own Dario smart meter for managing and monitoring their diabetes in order to enable the caretakers at the call centers a direct online view and proactive communication over the Dario mobile platform.

“We have witnessed in our markets overseas how the Dario diabetes solution has successfully increased the compliance and improved the Diabetes patient’s outcomes. With one of the longest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality rates, Israel’s health system has been ranked one of the highest in the world, and MOMA at Maccabi represents the most advanced and innovative form of medical healthcare available in Israel. We believe that the MOMA agreement illustrates the tremendous potential for LabStyle in the digital health area where the company can generate and sustain revenue not only from the consumables but also from software licensing and added value services, ” said Erez Raphael, president and chief executive officer of LabStyle.

“By providing our physicians and patients with access to the data the Dario management solution provides, MOMA has enhanced its capabilities for true patient online analysis and real time care and differentiated its offerings in the market for quality treatment and support. We believe that together with Dario we can enhance our clients’ physical and mental quality of life, performance scores, compliance rates, and overall satisfaction with their health providers, ” said Ms. Angela Eroni, Maccabi director of medical tele-centers.



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