Published On: Wed, Jan 21st, 2015

Nubo Launches New Virtual Mobile Infrastructure Platform


Israel’s Nubo Software, which develops Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) for enterprise mobility, has launched a new and enhanced Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) platform which can now be accessed from any computer with an internet browser.

The company boasts that it is the first enterprise mobility solution in the world to develop VMI technology and that Nubo’s new Version 2 client is the only remote workspace that is compatible with all HTML 5 web browsers, in addition to all Android and iOS devices.

BYOD professionals can now access customized enterprise applications from desktops and transfer data seamlessly to and from smartphones, tablets and laptops, the company says.

“We’re pleased to offer our clients maximum versatility in working with a secured and remote workspace, ” explains Nubo Software founder and CEO Israel Lifshitz. “Being able to access the Nubo Player from any computer, be it a desktop or mobile device, helps employees and organizations realize the true purpose of BYOD and reap its significant benefits.”

Version 2 of the VMI platform also features a robust control panel on which administrators can load selected enterprise apps and programs as well as manage employee devices and define access to all corporate network services.

Expanding its existing multi-regional deployment, Nubo has added remote data centers in the United States, Europe and Japan, which allows for optimized performance and minimized latency.
VMI technology runs a mobile operating system on a cloud-based remote server. Transferred over as a display using a thin client, the data itself stays on a remote server leaving zero data on devices and resulting in one secured remote workspace for all employees and devices. BYOD professionals can now securely use apps from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

“VMI is changing the way organizations have traditionally looked at mobile security. The new reality allows IT to use more secure, efficient and scalable security infrastructure than ever before, ” says Lifshitz. “They can now benefit from a mobile platform that can run on all mobile and desktop devices and provides a customized and user-friendly experience without leaving sensitive information on devices.”

Founded in 2011 by Israel Lifshitz, founder of SysAid Technologies, Nubo’s approach to mobile security stores zero data on personal devices while providing users with a native app experience and the freedom to choose their own applications.

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