Published On: Wed, Jan 21st, 2015

Is Cameron Diaz Hiding Her Pregnant Belly to Get Hollywood Roles?

Cameron Diaz pregnant

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden had what the celebrity-watching media called a “shotgun” wedding, although Ted Nugent and other gun activists weren’t there and there wasn’t a gun in sight. The press should have said “whirlwind” instead of “shotgun” unless they are referring the homespun hillbilly images of a pregnant bride, a minister a scared looking groom and the father of the bride with a gun to his back (notice the reference to the pregnant bride. We’ll get back to that later).

Well, the Diaz/Madden wedding was more civilized than that. Although Diaz admitted it was thrown together, they did have Jewish rituals such as the chuppah, the seven blessings, stepping on the glass and the yichud room (where the bride and groom spend private moments together after the ceremony). This is complicated enough if the family and participants were raised in the Jewish tradition, but neither Diaz nor Madden are Jewish, so the reason for this elaborate traditional Jewish ceremony is best known to them.

Also notable at the ceremony was the fact that Diaz didn’t drink alcohol, and it has been noticed that she has been abstaining from even a toast of alcohol at several functions. Bobby Fischer of Celebrity Dirty Laundry said Diaz avoiding alcohol at a party is like the Dalai Lama suddenly eating meat, but who knows? Maybe it is rehab rather than pregnancy. She was also noticeably self-conscious about her belly, but anyone who wants to “prove” their rumor about pregnancy true could claim that. No one heard her vomiting in the morning, and no one, as far as we know, has seen the double lines on her pregnancy pee-on stick, so we just don’t know.

The reason why Diaz might conceal her pregnancy is obvious; to continue to land roles in Hollywood while she still can. At the age of 42, Diaz, although she is a hot commodity, is, after all, over forty and good roles for middle aged women are few and far between. Add a pregnancy to that, well, who knows how many months she has before she shows, but she might land something.

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