Published On: Mon, Jan 19th, 2015

Watch: American Ninja Warrior David Schwartz Pushing Colorful Vegetables

American Ninja Warrior contestant, David Schwartz, encourages daily exercise, home-cooked meals and colorful vegetables as keys to wellness and longevity. The dietitian at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital told clickonDetroit that his aim is to encourage people to maintain their body weight and to prevent chronic disease. “The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is really alarming. The standard American diet has been very detrimental to our health.”

Schwartz made the “American Ninja Warrior” finals in Denver and has the nickname The Beekeeper, because of the beehives behind his home used to create fresh supplies of “Ninja fuel.”

Vegetables are important, but not just any vegetables—colorful, anti-oxidant rich vegetables. Kale is a Schwartz family favorite. “We grow a lot of it here and we really do put it in almost everything. We saute up some kale and put it in scrambled eggs. We put it in soups. We make stir fries with it.”

Gradual and not sudden changes are the key. For those who don’t think they like vegetables, Schwartz suggests trying them and trying them again. The main food enemies are processed meats, like hot dogs and luncheon meats and processed wheats, like white bread and white pasta. Staying active is also important, as he coaches his 14 month old daughter, Madeline Joy, a tummy time champion who may soon master her first push up.

Sugary drinks are off the menu, but he thinks “coffee is a great beverage. Hot tea is a good beverage, ” but these drinks shouldn’t allow one to forget the most important drink–lots of water.

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