Lena Dunham Apologizes for Bill Cosby Holocaust Comparison


lena dunham

The creator and star of Girls on HBO Lena Dunham has apologized for remarks that she made comparing the Bill Cosby rape scandal with the Holocaust. Also, according to multiple sources, Dunham has hired crisis management expert Judy Smith of Smith & Company and PMK-BNC chairman and CEO Cindi Berger to help manage her public image.

The real life Judy Smith inspired the Olivia Pope character on Scandal.

The 28 year old, whose mother is Jewish, was bothered by “Blackish” creator Kenya Barris’ comments about Judd Apatow being obsessed with Bill Cosby. Dunham said in an interview with Time Out New York, “It’s sort of like saying someone’s obsessed with the Holocaust. It’s not ‘I’m so angry about Hulk Hogan’s sex tape.’ This is a huge issue, and it speaks to the way that we abuse power and the way that celebrity allows for injustice. Everyone else has gone, ‘Let’s hope it’s not true.’ Chris Rock, who’s an incredible guy and who has a strong sense of social justice, has basically said, “We’ll see.”

Dunham posted the following clarification on Instagram: “I’m already aware comparing Bill Cosby to the Holocaust wasn’t my best analogy. With Love from your special rape-hating Jew friend LENA.”

She was also forced to clarify comments that she made about Danny DeVito. Dunham had said about DeVito, “Did you know that Danny DeVito’s son went to Oberlin? He would come to Oberlin and hang on parents weekend. And because everyone at Oberlin is such a loser, it was, like, the fucking Rock came to Oberlin. It was the biggest deal in the world.”

On the brighter side Dunham does really like Taylor Swift. The actress told Cosmopolitan UK, “Her image is as a woman in control and as a woman in power, but it’s also somewhat clean-cut, like the opposite of getting naked on television. She’s one of the pop artists who noticeably isn’t trafficking in her own sexuality. She has an America’s Sweetheart quality, and I have sometimes like a quarter of Americans’ demon quality. But she’s really comfortable supporting what I do and saying why she thinks it can also have the power to speak to women.”


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