Published On: Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

Rahm Emanuels’ Expensive Election Ads Poor Shields against Social Media Pot Shots

Rahm Emanuels bus ad

Rahm Emanuel, who has 50% support for his re-election bid as mayor, according to recent polls, has $6.5 million left in his war chest, as reported by Chicago Tribune. In October, Emanuel had $8.7 million, raised $2.5 million and has spent $4.8 million from October till December. His campaign ads are ubiquitous on local television, but those who resent him are expressing their antipathy through social media and by other means. It has not yet been disclosed how much his opponents Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Cook County Commissioner, Robert Fioretti, 2nd Ward alderman and William “Dock” Walls are spending.

Former Bears coach Mike Ditka, a staunch conservative, made a point to express his “anti-Rahm” sentiments by backing Democrat Fioretti. According to Newsmax, Ditka wrote a $2, 500 check for the Alderman, who frequents Ditka’s restaurant. “Well, I think anything is better than what we have, ” said Ditka. “Same with the governor. That was proven already. Chicago is a great city. You deserve leadership and straight up people to operate it. You know, shame on you.”

The Rahm haters are coming out in droves to flood his re-election Facebook page with colorful, malicious comments, but campaign spokesman Steve Mayberry told DNAInfo that the comments won’t be removed. Some of the more obvious and sophomoric remarks include “Rahm stinks”and “Big time Asshole, ” but some detractors are a bit more creative.

“Tiny Dancer (referring not only to the Elton John song, but the fact that Emanuel once trained as a dancer) needs to go get his MFA after we fire him, ” Daniel Buckman wrote. “I would rather have a flower pot in office, ” Angel Perez commented, “Anybody but Rahm who lies, steals and cheats.” Another post referred to Rahm as “Mayor Daly’s illegitimate son.”

Mayberry commented, “The mayor appreciates the opportunity to see what people say, even if they disagree. It’s true there is no lack of people using profanity and people being pointlessly rude, but there also are some people offering good, interesting input.”

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