Published On: Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

It’s Freezing Outside: Perfect Time for New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

Ben & Jerry new flavors

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry‘s fame have announced they are launching fantastic new flavors with the cookie core theme. This means they have gooey fillings like caramel, jam and fudge, which are kind of like cookie dough, but with more crunch. The names of the flavors are Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core, Peanut Buttah Cookie Core, The Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core.

The question that might occur to anyone is why release new ice cream flavors in the dead of winter? The question was answered by Vanessa Wong of Bloomberg Businessweek. Contrary to expectation, the regular release for Ben & Jerry flavors tend to be between February and April. One advantage is that consumers will be aware of the new brands by the time summer arrives and will know what to reach for. The other reason to release new brands in winter is that it attracts people to the notion of eating ice cream in a season when they would ordinarily find a different option for dessert. So therefore, winter launches of new ice cream brands actually guarantees people will be eating Ben & Jerry’s all year round.

Ben & Jerrys as a brand is known not only for its unique ice cream, but its jazzy product names. However, the company faced complaints last fall about its hazelnut flavor “Hazed and Confused.” A couple named Lianne and Brian Kowiak insisted the name be changed since their son died in a hazing incident in 2008. While Cohen and Greenfield expressed sympathy for the couple’s loss, they stood by their name, since “Hazed” referred to hazelnut, to a Led Zeppelin song “Dazed and Confused” and a 1993 movie by the same name.

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