Published On: Wed, Jan 14th, 2015

David Schwartz Teaches Children to Imagine a Million

How Much is a Million

Popular children’s author David Schwartz, whose books encourage enthusiasm for math and science among the young, has been touring schools and encourages kids to imagine huge numbers.

“I loved big numbers so much, I drove teachers crazy with my questions, ” Schwartz told Mohave Daily News. He says when he asks elementary school kids in groups if they like math and science, there are inevitably some enthusiastic yeses in response. “I believe in feeding that enthusiasm through finding learning opportunities that make math relevant to their lives.”

Schwartz, the author of books with titles such as How Much Is a Million?, Where in the Wild, Q is for Quark, features excerpts from his books and lively, engaging interaction discussions to help children visualize mathematical and scientific concepts. He begins his school presentations at 8:30, with one an hour for every grade until the end of the school day.

“I always have a good time talking with the kids, ” says Schwartz, “I’m excited about it too, and their energy.”

A Scientific American review says of Schwartz’s book, “How to Make a Million”: “An attempt to help children conceptualize the immensity of numbers is aided immeasurably by the artist’s jovial, detailed and whimsical illustrations.” Marvelissimo the Mathematical Magician explains to kids it would take 23 days to count to a million and a goldfish bowl big enough to hold a million goldfish could hold a whale.

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