Published On: Sun, Jan 11th, 2015

Prince Andrew Admits He was a “Fool” To Remain Friends With Pedophile Jeffrey Esptein

PRINCE ANDY and Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and fifth in line to the British throne, admitted that he had been a “fool” to remain friends with billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein after the release from his 16 month “slap on the wrist” sentence. Amid allegations that he had sex on three different occasions with one of Epstein’s underaged prostitutes, Prince Andrew cannot do more than he has done (a flat denial) without severely compromising the monarchy’s dignity, according to the Irish Independent. Unlike Alan Dershowitz, he is unable to sue for slander or answer the accusations points by point; libel lawsuits filed by a royal in a sex scandal would be unprecedented. For an already fragile monarchy having endured multiple divorces, the untimely death of the Princess of Wales, and existential questions about the future of the monarchy itself, the sex scandal that will forever taint Prince Andrew, who cannot answer to the charges, is certain to do damage to the image of the royals.

Prince Andrew said he made an “error in judgment” meeting Epstein in New York in 2011 after it was known he was a convicted pedophile.

Meanwhile, for Jeffrey Epstein, who was said to have molested over 40 underaged girls, but in a plea bargain, was charged with the crime against only one, the victims are getting ready to revive the case where they say that justice was not done. Lawyer Jack Sarcola told the Daily News, “This is a very important case and has very serious implications as far as Mr. Epstein is concerned. The immediate goal is to find out how a serial child molester who molested young females hundreds of time has gotten off with a state slap on the wrist.”

Not only was his sentence minimal, he was treated like a VIP in prison, where he was allowed out on “work release” up to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week and had his own private wing with his own security guard paid for by him. The victims were also not consulted with the plea bargain deal was reached, another reason this case has been revived.

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