Published On: Sat, Jan 10th, 2015

Watch: Bill Maher Talks Free Speech on Real Time’s Return

Bill Maher returned last night to his HBO show Real Time after taking a two month break. The controversial comic turned political pundit pulled no punches when it came to the events in Paris this past week as he got right back to doing what he does best.

“Who’s ready for a little free speech in America, ” he said to roaring applause.”

“If there’s a theme to the news while we were off it would be – no joking – there are people in the world who just don’t like you joking about them. North Korea they don’ like it, these assholes in Paris who shot cartoonists this week, they don’t like it and as a jokester I just have to say that the world needs to stand together as one and say like the immortal Dick Cheney ‘go fuck yourself’.”

“Congratulations Sony you put up less resistance than the French, ” he said about Sony’s decision to pull The Interview from theaters whereas the French paper is staying open.

He touched upon the Bill Cosby scandal in a bit that he did on other movies that Sony canceled plans to release. Cosby’s movie was to be called, “While You Were Sleeping.”

Maher pointed out that he had a good break, but was disappointed that The Interview was pulled because he was in it even for all of ten seconds and thought that his appearance could have been a big break for his career.

He fittingly had on as a guest Salmon Rushdie, who more than 20 years ago became the poster boy for defending freedom of speech from Muslim extremists after Iran issued a death decree against him for his book The Satanic Verses. The man has been forced to live in hiding for 25 years now because of it.

He pointed out that Sheikh Nasralla, the leader of Hezbollah criticized the attack and even the Iranians were opposed to it.

“There has been kind of a mutation in the middle of Islam. This is not a random mutation… This has been a mutation that a lot of work has been put onto. Sunni… Shiite governments have been putting fortunes of money into making sure that extremist mullahs have been preaching extremism in mosques around the world and building and developing schools around the world where a whole generation is being educated in extremism.”

“This is a project to seize power in the Islamic world, ” he added.

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