Larry David Tells Howard Stern He Wants to Coach the NY Jets


Larry David jets

Larry David paid a visit to the Howard Stern Show this week where he talked about a number of subjects including his “failure” as a Saturday Night Live writer and how he would like to become a coach for the New York Jets.

On the latter point, considering the Jets’ dismal 4-12 season which led to the firing of both its head coach and general manager, jets fans may not be so opposed to the thought of giving David a coaching job. Maybe a comic will be able to motivate the Jets players better by making them laugh on the sidelines.

David said, “I think just with a little studying, I think I could be a tremendous offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator. I see many things that I know I could fix.”

He added, “When I was a kid and we used to play football in the parking lot, I would design very good plays.”

Howard Stern joked that if David were to do this then it would make for a great storyline for a possible new season of Curbed Your Enthusiasm. David has not ruled out ever bringing back the show.

Stern also pressed David on his brief tenure at Saturday Night Live back in 1985. David became a writer for the show a few years after the short run ABC show Fridays – an SNL clone – in which he starred went off the air.

“It’s hard to believe, but none of your scripts were ever chosen. You were a failure at Saturday Night Live, ” Stern, never one to shy away from reminding a guest about his failures, said.

David then pointed out that a famous storyline from the first season of Seinfeld came from his own experience on SNL. In one episode George Costanza throws a fit at work, quits and storms out. After regretting what he did George goes back to work the next day hoping that no one would remember that he quit, but it did not work out that way.

David based the story on a time when he walked out on SNL just before a show aired yelling at its then producer Sick Ebersol, “This fucking show stinks!” But then his neighbor Kenny Kramer – the inspiration for the Kramer we all love from Seinfeld – talked David into going back to work like nothing happened and in his case the plan succeeded.


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