New Yorker Website Staff Plays Musical Chairs



david-remnick-admits-to-rock-n-roll-aspirations-the-new-yorker-contributor-still-plays-jazz-guitar-in-spare-time/ Getty

Things are shifting around at the New Yorker’s website. Editor and chief David Remnick said, “All of these changes speak to our vitality and growth, ” as reported by Capital. Senior online editor, Carla Blumenkrantz is now news editor. She came on board in the summer from n+1, where she was managing editor. David Haglund, senior editor at Slate will be editor of the book blog Page Turner. Haglund will collaborate with Michael Agger, who is responsible for “Goings on About Town.”

Amelia Lester, editor of “Goings on About Town, will be executive editor of, and will take the place of Amy Davidson. She will be in charge of podcasts an will assist online editor Nicholas Thompson. Erin Overbey will be chief archivist.

NewYorker online launched its metered paywall, which gave non subscribers access to six free print articles and unlimited videos. The aim was to encourage occasional visitors to become subscribers at $69.99 for a print and digital subscription. Remnick said Paywall was a “resounding success” with visitors and subscribers above target level.


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