Published On: Fri, Jan 9th, 2015

Allan Dershowitz Refuses to Apologize for Saying France Supports Terrorists


Allan Dershowitz is making the rounds on the cable news shows to defend himself against allegations that he was one of many people who billionaire Jeffrey Epstein “shared” an underage girl with. While appearing on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show on MSNBC Thursday, the former Harvard Law professor also derided France for “placating” terrorists.

The two men engaged in a heated exchange when discussing this week’s terrorist attack in Paris. O’Donnell prodded Dershowitz to apologize for comments he had made against the French in the past and Dershowitz refused to do so.

The segment began amicably enough as Dershowitz repeated his refrain that rather than be bothered at the thought of being sued by the girl’s attorneys, he welcomes the opportunity to hold depositions against both the lawyers and the girl herself. Such a lawsuit will allow Mr. Dershowitz an opportunity to do so.

The two men seemed to be on the same page on this issue. Dershowitz offered proof that he was not anywhere near the places where the sexual encounters were said to have taken place. “I was never in the same state, in New Mexico, at the time she was there. I was never on Jeffrey Epstein’s island at the same time. I was never on his private plane at the same time as the woman, ” Dershowitz said.

“I am thrilled that they are suing me. I want to put them under oath, ” he said. Dershowitz also said that by making false accusations against him the woman has hurt the credibility of all rape victims everywhere and further called her lawyers unethical and unprofessional.

But the fun started when O’Donnell changed the subject to France. Dershowitz was quoted as saying that France rewards every terrorist and he refused to repudiate that statement. He told O’Donnell that France has the world’s worst record on terrorism and the host was visibly annoyed by that.

The two men began to raise their voices to one another as O’Donnell told Dershowitz, “That’s a crazy thing to say that France rewards all terrorist.”

Dershowitz then pointed out that France voted in favor of statehood for Palestine which he said is a country that is based on terrorism. O’Donnell countered by saying, “virtually every country in the world has support that.”

The former law professor said that terrorism is rewarded all through Europe and that France is part of the problem. He was visibly annoyed with O’Donnell who said that he was sorry the Dershowitz refused to apologize for his France comments.

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