Published On: Thu, Jan 8th, 2015

Lena Dunham Complains That No One Cares About Her Diamond Ring

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There you go Lena Dunham. You complain that nobody mentioning it, so I’m mentioning. But I’m nobody. Anyway, someone noticed a ring on the finger of “Girls” star, Lena Dunham, but the actress says most people ignore it, except for her boyfriend, Jason Antonoff’s mother. In an interview about the 4th season of the HBO hit, the conversation turned to Lena changing her hair color, wearing the same pink shirt as her mother, and ….duh ring, as reported by the source.

“My boyfriend said to me, ‘My mom called asking if we were engaged.’ She has a google alert on him. I also wanted to say if we were to get engaged, we would be more creative than do it on New Years Eve. We don’t want to be basic.”

Oh, that is the new insult the youngsters use nowadays. “Basic.” I bet “Basic Instinct” couldn’t be made these days without a snicker from the under 30 crowd. Lena complains that no one, aside from the woman who is concerned about whether she is going to be her mother-in-law, notices the ring.

“I have a ring my boyfriend gave me that I wear on my right hand, which clearly no one gives a shit about, that looks more like an engagement ring. It’s a diamond! And everyone is like, ‘let’s ignore that diamond and focus on the stack of three rings.’ It is very funny I was like a slow news day, dudes?”

Yeah, I remember another slow news day when Lena Dunham wore something particularly awful and blamed it on the fact she is half Jewish and half WASP. Which side does she blame? Perhaps it depends on what kind of news day it is.

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