Published On: Mon, Sep 8th, 2014

Girls Creator Lena Dunham Blames Jewish and WASP ancestry for How She Dresses

Lena Dunham

What would Joan Rivers say? After the untimely demise of the true judge in matters of crimes of fashion, we will be saying that often, especially faced with the disastrous clothing combinations put together by Girls creator Lena Dunham. This isn’t the first offense either. It wasn’t long ago she was seen in a fluffy white and pink dress that looked like piled up multi-colored toilet rolls.

Now she’s decked out in dungarees and Chanel. I guess some would call that fusion fashion. Others would call it poor taste. She thinks it is a self-deprecating salute to her mixed roots. When a person can’t take responsibility for their own mistakes, even if it is merely in matters of taste, that’s right, blame the folks.

But someone is asking her for fashion advice. Like I would ask Joan Crawford for parenting tips. For Sheila Heti’s new book, “How a Person Should Be, ” Lena Dunham was asked about what else? Fashion (he own memoir, “Not That Kind of Girl” is due out in a month. Just to warn you).

“I’m half Russian Jew and half-Mayflower WASP, and the WASP makes me feel qualified to wear a lot of slouchy collared shirts and what my Great Doad (?) calls ‘dungarees.’ The Russian Jew half wants Chanel Cs on everything, including the pillows.”

What cultural combo is next? Pilgrim belt buckles and a shtreimel? Suspenders underneath a kapote? Izod and a long, luxurious sheitel? A Calico dress with tzitzit attached?

I just can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. And admit it …  neither can you.

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