Published On: Wed, Jan 7th, 2015

Lord Alan Sugar Cyber Bullies Super Sized Model

Lord Alan Sugar


Elena Raouna, who won Miss British Beauty Curve in 2013 has accused the billionaire star of Britain’s “The Apprentice” of cyber bullying and calling her “fatty.” Raouna said she was a big fan of The Apprentice and wanted to say a simple hello to Lord Sugar. Although it sounded flirty, Raouna insisted it was an innocent greeting. She tweeting “evening  Sugar :-), can I call you that.” He replied, “Yes, no problem, as long as I can call you ‘fatty.”

The no nonsense Apprentice star really crossed the line, as he was widely condemned by Raouna’s fan base. Elena Raouna said she was “absolutely fuming” by the “cruel” tweet, according to the Daily Mail. Around 3.8 million people saw the exchange, it was retweeted 1, 400 times and favorited by 900 people. She complained that Lord Sugar even blocked her. “Why did he block me? I didn’t do anything wrong. I just would really like it if he said sorry . He’s not just offended me, but a lot of plus sized people all over Britain.”

Twitter users attacked Lord Sugar, called him an “old goat, ” and remarking “Sugar doesn’t deserve to have the title Lord in front of his name after his childish immature rude choice of message. And no apology.”

Lord Sugar responded to his critics with “Get stuffed and mind your own business.”

Lord Sugar was born on the Lower East Side, the son of a Jewish tailor. When he was little, he had curly hair and people called him “Mop head.” He maintains people still call him “Mop head, ” but that doesn’t mean he can call people “fatty.”

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