Israel’s TV Format Fund Sells 4 Game Shows for Foreign Reproduction

Israel TV Format Fund

Israel’s TV FORMAT Fund has sold the rights for 4 more programming formats internationally. “TUG” was purchased by Endemol Spain and Endemol Italy, “300 second ride” was acquired by Zodiac France and “Tied to Mom” was also optioned to France.

These sales come after “300 second ride” was acquired by Endemol Spain in October.

Israel has been known for years for its original dramas which were remade in America such as HBO’s In treatment and Showtime’s Homeland. But now it’s game shows are getting remade abroad too.

“TUG” turns tug of war into a trivia show. In the game 2 groups compete with each other to decide which is smarter – pilots or cabin attendants, footballers or referees and even lawyers or doctors. A track is placed at the center of the studio with money on it. A representative from each group comes up to play in a trivia duel. The first to know the answer has to pull the rope and reply. If the answer is correct, the player pulls the rival on the track, making him lose money. Until the player answers correctly he/she cannot stop.

“Tied to Mom” explores the complex and hilarious relationship between mothers and their adult children. Over 72 hours a mother and her adult child are tied to each other with a 5 foot long rope and must perform various everyday tasks.

Day one will see the mother join her son during his daily routine, at work or at play. On day two the son follows his mother to her bridge club, hairdresser or night out with the girls. Day three will give each of the two a chance to deal with what they want to change most in the other and finally come to a conclusion about their future relationship.

“300 Sec Ride” is a studio game show created by Glam Studio. 300 seconds are allocated to a pair of contestants who must pass through 8 stages to win a cash prize. For the first time in a TV game show, the contestants are moved around physically as time passes on the stopwatch. A special mechanism was specifically planned and built for the show moves the contestants back and forth, from one side of the studio to the other side. The contestants have to answer 8 questions before the time is up. If they succeed then they get one chance to answer the final question.

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