Technion Introduces New Metal 3D Printer


technion metal 3d printer

The Israel Institute of Metals, a research foundation of Israel’s technological and scientific university in Haifa, The Technion, has revealed what it calls the printer of the future. It is a three-dimensional printer and the first of its kind in Israel.

The printer is designed to print metals such as titanium aerospace, dental implants, bone substitutes, etc., as well as smelt the raw material – metal powder – using an electron beam. Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist assisted the Technion Institute in the purchase costs which came to a total of $1 million.

The Technion’s Institute of Metals has begun, for the first time in Israel, operating the 3D metal using system.

The use of metallic components in 3D manufacturing printing technology, known professionally as “stratification”, is considered an innovation and is often referred to as the “third industrial revolution”.

This technology allows for the production of components with highly complex geometry. It is projected that this technology will become an integral part of research and production in the aerospace, medical and dental medicine industries. This is because it is relevant where the production of tiny metallic components, especially those characterized by a particularly complex geometry or are designed to work in extreme conditions, is required.

The new system, manufactured by Swedish firm ARCAM, uses an electron beam to melt metal powder particles. This innovative fusion method is safe, cheap and reliable and is based on laser beams. Another advantage of the new system is its ability to work with a variety of metal alloys, as the transition between them is much simpler than laser-based systems.

In Israel there are only three metal three-dimensional printers, all of which make use of the older laser technology. The new system at the Technion is actually the first three-dimensional printer placed in an academic institution in Israel.

“The Institute of Metals is the leading research organization in this area in Israel and it enjoys great exposure to Israeli industry. It is the most natural place for the transportation and deployment of innovative technology in Israel, ” explains its director, Chaim Rosenzon. “The construction of the three-dimensional printing center at the Institute will help promote the industry in the country, will provide current and future needs, and encourage the conversion of factories to advanced technologies.”



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