At Long Last Love: Wedding Bells for Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer


Stephen Fry is set to marry partner Elliott Spencer

The reigning king of wit, Stephen Fry is going to get hitched to Elliot Spencer, a stand up comedian 30 years his junior. The news leaked to the British press, and then Stephen Fry tweeted that he had to abandon his dream of a private wedding. “I’m very, very happy of course, but had hoped for a private wedding. Fat chance.”

Fry made his name in the classic British comedy duo with Hugh Laurie. His credits include numerous acting roles, novels and a memoir. The couple met in the summer, and they made their relationship public in November. The elegant comedian seems to have found happiness after a suicide attempt in 2012, when he came public about his struggle with bipolar disorder.

Elliot Spencer is a 27 year old standup from Southampton, and he tweeted about Fry “I had the confidence of a gnat when I met Mr. Stephen Fry. Show him some respect.” The couple were engaged just before Christmas, and gave official notice at a registry in Norfolk. Spencer’s father, who like Fry, is 57 is “over the moon” about the news. Fry’s friends note that he has a “new lust for life.”

Fry’s mother, was named Marianne Eve Fry, her maiden name was Neumann and Marianne’s parents, Martin and Rosa, emigrated to Britain in 1927. Martin and Rosa’s parents were both sent to concentration camps and most of his family on his mother’s side perished in the Holocaust.


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