Poll: Both Arab and Jewish Israelis are Proud to Be Israeli


idf parade

According to a poll by the Israel Democracy Institute Democracy Index, with 1, 007 respondents participating and representing a cross section of Israeli society, Arab and Jewish Israelis are, on the whole, proud to be Israeli, according to the Jerusalem Post.

86% of Jewish Israelis and 65% of Arab Israelis said they are proud to be Israeli. Only 14% of Jewish Israelis and 35% of Arab Israelis say they are not proud to be Israeli. The institution Jewish citizens said they trusted the most was the IDF at 88%. About 51% of Arabs said they trusted the IDF the most. The president and the Supreme Court were also most trusted by Jews, while the Arabs said they trusted the Supreme Court the most, followed by the police and the president.

Institutions Jewish citizens trusted the least were the media, the Knesset, the Chief Rabbinate and the media. Arabs didn’t trust the media, the Knesset and religious leaders. A vast majority of both groups believe politicians look out mainly for their own interests. A very small percentage of both groups, around 20% believed they could influence government policy. However, 66% of Jewish respondents and 53% of Arabs said they were interested in politics.


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