Published On: Sun, Jan 4th, 2015

New Tweet Scandal: Can’t Tony Weiner Get Any Peace ?

Anthony Weiner

After resigning as NY congressman, Anthony Weiner didn’t give up; he made a failed bid in the NY mayoral race and he’s still into hot Tweets. Now that he’s out of public life and is reportedly opening a catering business doubling as an employment opportunity for at-risk youth, isn’t it time to leave him alone? After all, he’s just a private citizen; can’t we just leave it between him and his often pitied wife, aide to Hillary Clinton, with whom Abedin has something in common as spouses who suffer collateral damage in political sex scandals?

I mean face it, there is going to be no more Weiner in politics. Before running, men are going to have to keep their privates and Twitter accounts under strict surveillance. Long gone are the days of JFK and the hushed up dalliances with anonymous water nymphs in the White House swimming pool (cemented over the the eminently puritanical Richard Nixon).

So now that Weiner has gone from politics to catering and social service, shouldn’t we just let him and his wife deal with his private life? I mean, why is it any of our business that he favorited a barely clad Joslyn Stevens, who calls herself “Sugarfuzz, ” encourages people to just stay out of politics and whose Twitter bio reads, “Filling in for your wife since 2001. Indulge in your fantasies by having an extra marital affair”?  She tweeted about the fact that she was on Gawker because of Weiner favoriting her post and said, “I’m not upset, but I do love weiners.”

His mayoral campaign just couldn’t get it up after new allegations last summer that he favorited a post by ParisRoxanneo clad only in lingerie. But look, it wasn’t like he was tweeting any bare members of his staff or anything.

If we want Weiner to leave it alone, we also have to leave Weiner alone as well. Otherwise, what are we but hypocrites?


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