Published On: Fri, Jan 2nd, 2015

New Chrome Extension Reveals Hidden Facebook Pics


There is new extension now available for Google Chrome for Facebook users which allows them to view any old pictures posted by their friends. Called “Picturebook, ” the extension is not officially certified by Facebook or approved by the company in any way.

People think that they can protect their privacy on Facebook by hiding posts or using its new features to block access to certain parts of their pages from anyone but their closest friends. But this is simply not the case. Anything that you post to social media can be seen by just about anyone these days no matter what you do to protect your privacy.

Actually, the makers of the extension have just renamed it “PictureMake” after having problems from Google. As its creator wrote on its web page, “So Google took down PictureBook because apparently PictureBook was pretending to be a Facebook extension. I have since renamed PictureBook to PictureMate, and reuploaded the extension. It might be taken down again, but it’s worth a try.”

The free extension boasts that with it users can unblock and see any old pictures on a Facebook user’s account. It is not clear, however, how it actually works. In fact, the person whose pictures that you search for does not even need to be an official Facebook friend of the user’s.

So it seems that if you think that you might be embarrassed by any picture posted on line then the only way to really protect yourself is to stop using social media.

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