Singer John Mayer All Aglow with Photoshop Frenzy



Was it a joke or did he mean it? That is what fans of singer John Mayer are asking themselves after a bizarre Instagram photo of the 37 year old singer and his friend Ricky Van Veen that makes them look vaguely like space aliens. Yes, he looks younger, but he looks all blurry, waxy and creepy. People are wondering if he is being satirical or if he really wants to look younger and weirder. It’s enough to make you want to be thankful for blemishes.

The Grammy award winning singer and songwriter was raised in Connecticut. His father his Jewish and he says he finds himself “relating to Judaism.” At one point in his childhood, he was so obsessed with playing guitar that his parents took him to a psychiatrist, but the professional said he was fine. Mayer said it was the conflict-ridden nature of his parents marriage that drove him toward the instrument with such obsessive zeal which later paid off.


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