Published On: Tue, Dec 30th, 2014

Neri Oxman Produces Wearable Skins For Space Travel

The Wanderer-3-D printed Vest

MIT professor Neri Oxman has joined a team that is designing clothing to enable humans to live on other planets. The old fashioned space suit with only oxygen and waste disposal is passe. The thing of the future will be 3D suits that provide nourishment and oxygen and are even stylish to boot. Neri Oxman teamed up with German engineers Christolph Bader and Dominik Kolb to create 3D suits which are like an added layer of skin. Each suit is geared toward a unique planetary environment and enables human beings to survive conditions in each location.

3D printing company Stratasys teamed up with the scientists to create the wearable biosystems. The series is called “The Wanderers: An Astrobiological Exploration.” The garments act as second skins and have algae which feed off sunlight and produce substances humans need to survive in hostile environments.

Neri Oxman said, “The future of wearables lies in designing augmented extensions of our own bodies that will blur the boundary between the environment and ourselves.”

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