Published On: Tue, Dec 30th, 2014

Bob Iger and Steve Jobs: A Match Made in Heaven

Bob Iger and Steve Jobs

Disney and Apple are two companies that have a good relationship, but that wasn’t always the case. Fortune magazine features Disney CEO Bob Iger, who discussed his close relationship with deceased CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. When Eisner was head of Disney, the relationship with Apple was strained because of disagreements over the distribution of the film “Toy Story.” When Iger took the reins in 2006, Steve Jobs welcomed the change, and Iger oversaw a revitalization of Disney with the acquisition of Pixar.

When Iger took over as CEO, he reached out to Steve Jobs and said big changes were coming, acknowledging the strained relationship between the two companies. Iger told Jobs, “I know you think it is going to be business as usual, but I’d like to prove to you that it’s not.”

Iger oversaw having Disney-owned content distributed on iTunes, and Jobs and Iger became “true partners.” When Iger announced a deal to have iTunes distribute ABC content there was a huge “backlash from everybody.” However, the negative reaction only solidified Iger’s connection with Jobs. The two would talk about their respective businesses. Iger told Fortune, “We’d just muse on business. When you think about it, media’s the intersection of content and technology. It’s all about storytelling, like photography and the camera. So we’d talk about that a lot, the intersection between the story and the gadget.”

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