Published On: Sat, Dec 27th, 2014

Madoff’s Secretary Eleanor Squillari Calls Him a Sociopath

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Bernie Madoff’s former secretary Eleanor Squillari says that he is definitely a sociopath. She discussed the man behind the worst Ponzi scheme in history in an interview with the Huffington Post, ahead of the airing of a documentary about her on Al Jazeera America.

One thing about sociopaths, especially the ones who are the most successful at hiding their true nature, they know how to fool people into thinking that they are nice or generous. They can make you feel like the most important person in the world to them and their best friend.

Only when the person commits some sort of negative act against you, or when you are in a position to observe him every day closely, does his true nature become apparent.

According to Squillari, when she worked for Madoof he seemed like any other boss. The man had his moods could be prone to lose his temper at times. But it was not until after she heard the news of his arrest that Squillari began to put the pieces together.

When asked directly about it she said, “oh, absolutely. He’s a complicated person. There were so many different sides to him. So when you’re with somebody every day and you see the good that he does… and some days he can be nasty – but that’s part of everybody. Only when the truth came out in hindsight was I like, well this made sense and that made sense, ” she explained.

Sqillari also said that Madoff could be secretive. If anyone in the press called and asked to speak with anyone but him personally she had to immediately call Madoff and let the man know.

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