Published On: Thu, Dec 25th, 2014

Philly Has No Brotherly Love for Uber

big brother uber

Every day, it seems, there is a new story about Uber ruffling feathers. Recently, CEO Travis Kalanick was indicted in South Korea for violating the country’s laws against rental cars acting as taxi cabs, and now a lawsuit has been filed in Philadelphia against the ride-sharing service, with harsh language comparing Uber to a bunch of bootleggers, as reported by Marketwatch.

A total of 45 Philadelphia cab companies are accusing Uber of violating the city’s racketeering laws. There were strong words against Uber in the complaint, “Not since the days of bootlegging has there been a criminal enterprise so brazen and open as to attract hundreds of millions of dollars in investment from investment bankers and to operate in blatant violation of federal and state law as Uber.”

It is the ride app that some people love to love and others love to hate. There have been complaints from customers about riders refusing to transport dogs for blind riders, Senator Al Franken raised questions about Uber’s attitude toward privacy, and its tendency to “stalk.” It has faced two high profile rape allegations, and had to suspend service for 90 days in Portland because of other complaints.

If I were CEO Travis Kalanick, I’d be worried about having my tuchis sued off, but he seems fearless as ever. I doubt he’ll be planning a vacation in South Korea or a visit to Philly any time soon.


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