Published On: Thu, Dec 25th, 2014

Adam Sandler Is Forbes’ Most Overpaid Actor for the Second Year in a Row

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is number one! He has topped Forbes list of the most overpaid actors for the second year in a row. Ben Stiller came in at number three.

According to Forbes, Sandler has only returned to movie studios $3.20 for every dollar that he was paid. A 320% return on an investment might seem like a lot, but remember that was just for the actor’s salary in his movies. Don’t forget all the rest of the money that those films cost the studios.

This past year Sandler starred in such gems as Blended with Drew Barrymore. That one cost more than $40 million to produce and brought in a little over $46 million in the U.S.

Then there was Men, Women & Children, which was an attempt by the actor to make another serious drama. It grossed less than half a million dollars and got a whopping 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

To be fair, however, the dollar paid to dollar earned ratio is not the most accurate way to asses an actor’s success at the box office. The total money his films grossed in a given year can include low budget independent movies for which he was not paid very much that never do that well at the box office and so they bring down the average.

Ben Stiller finished only two spots behind Sandler with a ratio of $4.80 grossed for every $1 dollar which he was paid this year. His latest, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, was a huge box office dud.

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