Mark Cuban, Carmelo Anthony, Rescue NY Kid’s Bar Mitzvah


Mark Cuban

Robbie Austin of New York got cut from his school basketball team. His bar mitzvah was coming up and he wasn’t in the greatest of moods. Little did he know that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks would join forces and make the most impressive bar mitzvah entrance video Robbie could have imagined, as reported by Business Insider. 

Robbie had his dad also to thank for the gift. Entrepreneur Ken Austin reached out to Cuban, who flew in to make the video and Anthony. “They both agreed right away to help me, simply from the kindness of their hearts. Overall, it was a great lesson that no matter how busy, rich or famous someone is, making time for others and having humility can really go a long way. I was so appreciative of their generosity and it softened the sting a bit of having your son cut from the team.”

Robbie says he plans to show the video someday to his kids and added, “I guess this must be one of the only times it doesn’t completely suck to be cut from the team. It’s sort of funny now. It wasn’t then.”


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