Published On: Fri, Dec 19th, 2014

After Weed Haze Dissipates, Jason Schwartzman Rewrites his Will

Jason Schwartzman

Actor Jason Schwartzman has updated his will. Apparently the previous one was not entirely adequate being that it was the result of a marijuana induced bought of paranoia in which the actor was convinced that he was about to die.

In the older version of his will Schwartzman left everything to his brothers and his mother.

The actor was quoted as saying, “I thought that my heart was gonna explode and I really freaked out and I wrote out my will. I wrote out: ‘To my little brother, Robert, you can have all of my Cds. To big brother Matthew, the best big bro in the world, have all my video cassettes; watch these movies with pleasure, and to mom, you can have everything else because it was really yours to begin with, because I’m still living at your house. That was my will and I had it until just recently; I destroyed it because I don’t want that to be the official will.”

Fortunately the family of Talia Shire’s son and Francis Ford Copola’s nephew does not need to worry that the new will could be challenged for having also been written while the actor was high. Schwartzman gave up pot smoking. As he told Conan Obrien, “No pot for me. I don’t like to smoke pot… It doesn’t agree with me; I get very paranoid. I haven’t smoked pot for a long time.”

There is no word yet, however, on what the contents of his new will are.

While appearing on Conan to promote his new show Mozart in the Jungle which will soon be released by Amazon, the actor also talked about when he first met Bill Murray when making his first movie Rushmore. Schwartzman also discussed meeting Steve Martin for the first time saying he was so nervous about it he had to reassure himself about Martin’s possibly not liking him. “If he doesn’t like you it’s not your fault, ” Schwartzman told Conan that he said to himself, “it’s his fault. It’s not you it’s him.”

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