Marc Ecko Brings Archie Character to Menswear


Marc Ecko Archie

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the multi-generational iconic comic book character Archie, Genius Brands International, which is the leading property owner of Archie comics is teaming up with designer Marc Ecko to create an exclusive capsule of Archie-oriented attire for men, as reported by CNN.

Marc Ecko, born in New Jersey as Marc Louis Milecofsky and known for his pop, urban oriented style, dropped out of designing for 5 years until 2014, when he came back as Operator and Leader of his famous label. Characters such as Archie, Jughead, Bettie and Veronica, Josie & the Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Wtich and others will appear on clothing under the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew brand.

Archie Comics Publisher and CEO, John  Goldwater, told CNN, “We are supremely excited to partner with Marc Ecko to create this new line of apparel. This is just the beginning of a daring and wide-ranging licensing campaign that will help widen our brand’s reach in time for the celebration of our momentous 75th anniversary.”

Archie still remains the longest comic strip in history and has sold 2 billion comics worldwide. Ecko commented, “I love the playfulness of the characters and the aesthetic of its universe. It’s an amazing palette to play with, and the folks at the company want to do entrepreneurial things.”


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