SleepASAP Says it Cures Insomnia without Medication



Israel’s SleepASAP has released a new project called “STOP! Insomnia without Medication.” The organization describes it as an effort to help those who are suffering from different forms of insomnia by providing awareness, revealing alternative solutions and connecting information that reaches beyond pharmaceutical drugs.

Countless people throughout the world have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Many turn to drugs, but these can be addictive and come with dangerous side effects. Both Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died from the use of such drugs, Jackson from an overdose ND Houston from drowning in her own bathtub after mixing her medication with alcohol.

The project is raising funds on which helps ill people raise money for their medical bills. So far it has only brought in $1, 159 out of a $25, 000 goal.

SleepASAP said that it chose as a crowdfunding platform to get the word out and to “realize growth and solutions.” It says that this platform allows its team to monitor user reactions and help facilitate societal involvement. The goal of this campaign, SleepASAP declares, is to reach those who share the vision of getting some sleep, want to share ideas, and create a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in collaboration with the founders.

The founder Ms. Hemda Idel says, “We’re confident that these efforts will bring to people something they have been missing for a long time: sleep. This will guarantee that people can be more than they ever imagined with a good night’s rest.”

“We’re really excited to be launching our campaign. With simple features and an intuitive platform, this is something anyone can use to donate to our cause.”


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